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Eliezer Kahanov came from Europe to Gedera as a pioneer in the early twentieth century and planted his first vineyard.

Legend has it that at the end of that century while he was kneeling and planting a new vineyard, a man approached him and asked: "You are almost a hundred years old, do you think you will harvest the grapes of this vineyard".Eliezer raised his kind eyes and answered: "If I won't, then my son will.If not my son, then my grandson". Indeed, Eliezer did not live to harvest the grapes of this vineyard, but his son and grandson did.And it is they who follow his legacy of knowledge, experience, tradition and love.

The Kahanov winery is a family estate winery located in the heart of the family vineyards.The high quality vineyard and the winery providing a picturesque and pastoral atmosphere compatible to the experience of visiting the site.

The Winery grapes are only one percent of the family crop, enabling the selection and careful choosing of the grape clusters which make Kahanov's wine so special and unique.These wines are produced using traditional methods and state-of-the-art equipment, this production reflecting the winery and its wines - a new world but deeply rooted in a long tradition.

Each bottle receives warm and particular attention from Kahanov family members, who personally produce each one of them.The family's deep familiarity with vineyards allows an intimacy with each acre  and variety of grapes - it is such intimacy and love that have created the miracle of the Kahanov Winery and  the Kahanov wines.

Kahanov winery's flagship wines are noble Cabernet, Merlot and Petit verdot varieties.

These wines age for a long time in oak barrels in order to maintain and enhance the balance and quality of the wine.These wonderful wines have won prestigious awards and medals in many competitions and exhibitions worldwide.


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